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Ms. Pac-Man Turbo: Grabbing the Fruit, Fourth Maze

Since we’re closing out 2014, I thought it’d be a keen idea to finally close out my discussion of Ms. Pac-Man Turbo mini-patterns that provide a good chance to grab the fruit/prize/thingy as soon as it comes out of the … Continue reading

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Book review — Pac-Mania: Top Strategies for Home & Arcade Pac-Man

It was fully my intention to post this book review a little bit earlier, with a “In case you’re still shopping for that nerd on your holiday list…” vibe, but life is what happens…but happy Christmas, solstice, Hanukkah, etc. I … Continue reading

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A Never-Fail Super Pac-Man Bonus Maze Pattern

If you’ve been following this blog specifically for my Ms. Pac-Man Turbo posts, then this entry won’t be up your alley right now; I’m trying to get away from those posts for a bit, so as promised in my most … Continue reading

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