Sean is a web developer whose obsession with the Pac-Man franchise goes back to 1981, when he first played Pac-Man as an 7-year-old who didn’t quite understand that you need to eat one of those big, blinking things first before you attempt to eat the ghosts. For one brief moment, he thought he held the world record for Jr. Pac-Man Turbo in October 2012, but it was actually only the second-highest score on record, and even that ranking only lasted under a day. “Pacmaniax” was originally planned as a book about Pac-Man, but not wanting to flood the marketplace with yet another video game history book, Sean decided a blog would be a better route. (In other words, he couldn’t get his s**t together.) Would you rather see Sean’s thoughts collected in a book? You can: in 1999, TFH Publications published Sean’s book, A Beginner’s Guide to Garden Ponds, despite the fact that Sean never maintained a garden pond in his life. A music buff, you can see Sean posting not only on AtariAge.com and Aurcade.com as “dauber,” but also on various forums that obsess over The Beatles and Brian Wilson.


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  1. ReserveArcade Games says:

    I did make a comment post on ine of the blog artucles but it does not show at all?

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