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Sean is a web developer whose obsession with the Pac-Man franchise goes back to 1981, when he first played Pac-Man as an 7-year-old who didn't quite understand that you need to eat one of those big, blinking things first before you attempt to eat the ghosts. For one brief moment, he thought he held the world record for Jr. Pac-Man Turbo in October 2012, but it was actually only the second-highest score on record, and even that ranking only lasted under a day. A music buff, you can see Sean posting not only on and as "dauber," but also on various forums that obsess over The Beatles and Brian Wilson. Sean is also cohost of Pie Factory Podcast.

I swear, I’ll get to Jawbreaker eventually, but first things first…

Uhhmmm….I don’t know how to intro this, so I’ll just jump right in: I now have an official Twin Galaxies world record. Jr. Pac-Man, “turbo” speed variation, performed February 27, 2016 at…you guessed it…Underground Retrocade. My final score, after four … Continue reading

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SPOILER: Christmas happens, and Santa and the reindeer get better

So why would I give away the ending of this holiday TV treasure? Well, for two reasons: I care about you, and I don’t want you lose 25 minutes of your life that you’ll never get back, and This is … Continue reading

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Pac-Man Games That Aren’t Pac-Man: Deluxe Pac-Man

“Amiga” Means “Friend,” Not Girlfriend, You Twit — That’s “Novia” I do believe I’ve mentioned my computer history on this blog before, but just in case I didn’t, or in case you’re a new reader, here’s my story. For an … Continue reading

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Pac-Man Games That Aren’t Pac-Man: Munchman

“Wait, what about the May entry in this series?” Look, bub, I own this blog, and I get to call the shots, ‘kay? I mean, hey, I have two jobs, a podcast, and a personal life, so I get to … Continue reading

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Pac-Man Games That Aren’t Pac-Man: Alien

It’s been a busy April, to say the least. Indeed just today it hit me that May starts tomorrow but I have yet to post about a Pac-Man clone this month. Does this mean that I’ve run out? Oh, dear reader, … Continue reading

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Chasin’ Ghosts through the Streets

  Yeah, I know — I just posted! What was it, yesterday? Two days ago?? Well, obviously, this is about the April Fool’s Day pseudo-joke perpetrated by the extreme data mining giant Google, and since it’s about April Fool’s Day, … Continue reading

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Pac-Man Games that Aren’t Pac-Man: Pac the Man X (and a buttload of semicolons)

Games are Fun, but Keep First Things First I hope Phil the No-Swear Gamer doesn’t mind my stealing his signoff for this heading, but I need to revisit briefly my review of Level 257, the new Pac-Man-themed restaurant/amusement center, which … Continue reading

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