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Pac-Man Games That Aren’t Pac-Man: Deluxe Pac-Man

“Amiga” Means “Friend,” Not Girlfriend, You Twit — That’s “Novia” I do believe I’ve mentioned my computer history on this blog before, but just in case I didn’t, or in case you’re a new reader, here’s my story. For an … Continue reading

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Pac-Man Games That Aren’t Pac-Man: Alien

It’s been a busy April, to say the least. Indeed just today it hit me that May starts tomorrow but I have yet to post about a Pac-Man clone this month. Does this mean that I’ve run out? Oh, dear reader, … Continue reading

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My 8-year-old self would have killed me.

The picture doesn’t have much to do with the main point of this post, but hey, the last couple of entries are text only, so I thought I’d spice things up just a tad. After having an overall bad week … Continue reading

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